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I am currently a video editor at MrBeast, where I work on main channel videos for an international audience of over 150 million subscribers. I have accumulated over 1 billion views on my YouTube work alone.

I've also created episodic short-form content, documentaries, directed live television, managed YouTube channels, shot in 360º, and am a Part 107 FAA-certified drone pilot.

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130,000,000+ views

In collaboration with Hayden Hillier-Smith

Featured in CNN, Forbes, InsiderUSA TodayNBC

2nd highest performing MrBeast video within 24 hours

210,000,000+ views

Most viewed MrBeast video since

$456,000 Squid Game In Real Life!

110,000,000+ views

140,000,000+ views


I was the sole video editor and thumbnail creator for Bunny Barbie's YouTube channel
(2M on TikTok).
I edited an educational reaction video for Mama Doctor Jones, an ObGyn with over 3 million followers across platforms.
I was the sole video editor and thumbnail creator for Brittani Lancaster's YouTube channel (900K on TikTok).


In 2022, I was as a tech journalist at USC and Social Video Producer for dot.LA, where I pitched, wrote, shot, hosted, and edited short-form content covering Los Angeles tech news for TikTok.
dot.LA Summit
Amazon Style


I was a Director and Assistant Director for weekly live news shows at USC Annenberg Media, including ATVN and SportSCene. I used iNews and Ross Overdrive to code rundowns.

Watch me learn how to direct a news show from start-to-finish in this behind-the-scenes video I created as a graduate student and news director at USC.


I am FAA Part 107 Certified to fly drones commercially.

I fly a Mavic Pro recreationally and commercially, including for USC's AR/VR journalism class JOVRNALISM at the World Championship Hoop Dance Contest 2022 in Phoenix, AZ. As a JOVRNALISM student, I added closed captions to our video content for the first time in the program's history.
I co-created this 360º video revisiting sites of the LA Riots in 360º video. The video, along with my writing and augmented reality Snapchat lenses, were published by the L.A. Times.

My professor Robert Hernandez and I were interviewed by L.A. Times Today about the process of creating this project. The interview aired on Spectrum News 1 to 6 million Los Angeles households.