I've worked in multiple areas of video: social media management, live television, and video editing.

Through my freelance video editing, I work selectively with female content creators to spread empowering messages of body positivity and self-confidence.

Please contact me for inquiries.


I am the current YouTube Manager for USC Annenberg Media

I create daily thumbnails using Pixelmator, write descriptions, and optimize videos for SEO. 

I was the first to add closed captions in over seven years the channel has been operating.


I am the Assistant Director for two weekly live news shows on the USC Annenberg Media
YouTube Channel
, ATVN (Wednesdays) and SportSCene. 

I use iNews and OverDrive to code audiovisual transitions pre-show. I keep track of SOT timing for the director over headset, count in live shots over the phone, and enforce show timing. 


I directed and edited a short film promoting the University of Washington Libraries, winning Honorable Mention.
Honorable Mention: Found in Translation
I assistant edited this feature documentary about screen time and mental health with Seattle-based filmmaker Delaney Ruston.
SCREENAGERS: The Next Chapter
I directed this short film in October 2019 as an officer and member of LUX: Film Production Club, UW's largest filmmaking community.
I filmed and edited this montage of drone videos that I shot with my Mavic Pro across Australia.
I filmed and edited this goofy YouTube video with my friend Maddy about our journey to craft her high school senior year photo.
I directed, shot and edited this behind-the-scenes video as an intern for Emerald City Music, a Seattle-based classical music company.
Behind The Scenes: Café Music
I am the sole YouTube editor for Brittani Lancaster’s YouTube channel (900K on TikTok) for an audience of over 26,000 subscribers.
I am the sole YouTube editor for the Bunny Barbie's YouTube channel (1.6M on TikTok) for an audience of over 40,000 subscribers.