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EditHers 👩‍💻


I'm super passionate about supporting women working in social media video editing. In 2024, I created EditHers, the first and only community of its kind, to connect and support talented women editors around the world that specialize in social media video. Through EditHers, women editors around the world have found community, jobs, and support.

Why is EditHers necessary?

Surveys show that only around 25% of video editors are female. And on YouTube, although almost half of the website's total viewership is female, there is only one female YouTuber in any of the top 100 channels.


For creators that want to connect more closely to a female audience, whether it's because their target demographic is women or they want to balance out male-dominated viewership, working with female editors can keep that audience's perspective at the forefront throughout the entire video production pipeline.


And while professional communities exist for women film editors, social media editing is new enough that there is not a defined supportive infrastructure out there.

That's the gap that EditHers fills.

How can I apply?

If you are a woman working in social media editing or a creator who would like to tap into our talented community of editors, please fill out the contact form below to submit an application.

Apply to EditHers 👩‍💻

Thanks for applying!

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