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by Rachel Kisela


Automatically removes any words from your sequence


With social media algorithms heavily restricting content with certain words, I felt a need for an automatic "word remover" tool for Premiere. To help other editors, I have uploaded it here to download 100% for free.

WordChopper automatically cut and disable your specified list of words on only the audio tracks you specify.

All instances of your words are marked as well as disabled, and instances of your words that are surrounded by other letters are marked for easy manual review.
Helpful for:
  • video podcasts
  • long-form videos
  • repurposing content, etc.
DISCLAIMER: This plugin, as it was created originally as an internal tool, is not polished or thoroughly tested. Some features might not work flawlessly or you may encounter bugs. Any developers out there are welcome to tweak or polish the plugin, so long as you re-publish WordChopper for free for all editors to use.


(5.3 MB)

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